Zimbabwe, a passion shared

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Zimbabwe, a passion shared gives some insight on what life is like in Zimbabwe today. The book pictures the daily life of the author and includes contributions of some of her Belgian, Dutch and Zimbabwean friends who portray their lives as well. Despite the pains, Zimbabwe remains beautiful and unique. People assist one another in a way that seems to be lost in the first world. Currently the new edition of the book, which includes recent additions, is available. The proceeds of the book will go to the building of Chengeta Primary School and Chengeta Library, a realisation of Phil, Lorraine and Mary Theresa Dobinson, Patrice Delchambre and Aad van Geldermalsen. Read more about how the building of the library took place: “Doris Lessing has written extensively about communities with and without literature. Books on a table, books under the lampshade, torn books near candlelight. And, above all, what it does when this is part of childhood, anywhere whether it is Africa or Europe…”

“Cry the beloved country.”

Zimbabwe is …

Heartbreakingly beautiful – Heartbreakingly sad

Zimbabwe a passion shared

The introduction of Zimbabwe, a passion shared:

In Zimbabwe, a passion shared I want to tell you about the Zimbabwe that the reader does not know from European reports nor from travelling journalists. It is about Zimbabwe from within and about the Zimbabwe of today. In this collection, I give us, women and men, the opportunity to write about the way we see, feel, taste and experience life here. This is different for everybody and each of us tries to rise above the new daily tragedies of this country.

We stand by each other whenever life sometimes seems to become impossible. This is how new connections and surprising friendships are born.
I know all the people who have worked on this book personally and have a special connection with each and every one of them.

The people I have invited for each individual chapter also represent a special group in this local community: the business woman, the mother, the teacher, the singer, the confectioner, the home-study director, the project coordinator, the daughter of a slain freedom fighter, the single mother of seven, the NGO accountant, the musician, the women responsible in Fairhome orphanage, the artists, the travel agent/Rotarian, the hairdresser, the entrepreneur, and many more.

Everything is written with love and passion for this crumbling country.

A story about how people go and search for friendship and succeed.

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